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Creative & Branding

Logo Usage

When and how to use graphic identifiers.

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Colors & Typography

Approved palettes and typefaces.

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Photography & Video

Important media tools to tell the Howard story

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Howard Brand

Standards for every communication that bears the University name.

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Print Design

A look and feel that can be applied to any form of University communications.

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Howard Forward Email Signature

Email Signature

Choose a signature style:

  • Howard Forward; 
  • Clocktower; and
  • Traditional.

User Experience & Web Strategy

Web Best Practices & Guidelines

Browsers, devices, best practices and security considerations.

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Content Management Guidelines

Recommendations on creating an FAQ.

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Web Vendor Recommendations

Expectations of the site development process.

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Social Media

Social Media Best Practices

Recommendations to help streamline processes.

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Training & How To's

Workshops and policies.

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Social Media Graphics & Templates

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter options.

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Publications & Internal Communications

We bring clarity to the University’s mission by disseminating the information and telling the stories that move Howard forward.

Our three principal strategies are:

  • Align: We create lines of communication among the Howard community;
  • Empower: We give employees a voice and listen to feedback; and
  • Involve: We encourage the Howard community to actively participate in events or trainings.

Consultation Services

We leverage our knowledge and expertise to empower communicators across the University to amplify the achievements and influence of their college, department, office or team.

To make the most of our services, we recommend reaching out to us as early as possible, well in advance of launching a new initiative.