Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Recommendations to help streamline processes for social media best practices

Use of social media sites

Responsibility with holding a social media account 

Account holders and departments cannot use these sites:

  • For personal benefit or gain;
  • For the benefit or gain of any other individuals or outside organizations; or
  • In a way that compromises the security or integrity of state property, information or software.

Expectations when representing Howard University:

  • Follow the University’s brand guidelines.
  • Incorporate the University’s Web colors: Red (#e51937), Blue (#003352) 
  • Note: The color red should be no more than 30 percent of the color scheme.
  • Adhere to the Social Media Policy 
  • Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.
  • Don’t pick fights.
  • Verify information before you post it.
  • Make sure all links work.
  • Be sure to create dialog, not just push content. Give your audience something to respond to or act on.
  • Be relevant and timely and add value! 

Social Media Policy

Formal and mandatory courses of actions and rules top abide by as account holders, leaders, and public figures and or organizations of the University Policy will reflect: Information protection, risk management, and infrastructure security, and user behavior.

Social media policy will be updated periodically.