Print Templates

In an academic environment, individuality and expressive freedom are paramount goals. We understand that units desire a distinct visual presentation that captures their uniqueness. However, each unit of the University is an important segment of a greater whole. Therefore, in an effort to present a unified presence, a number of templates were created for Howard University properties.

The design samples are intended to demonstrate a look and feel that can be applied to any form of University communications. These designs illustrate the use of consistent elements and easily identifiable Howard identity. 

Design Request and Approval Process

The Office of University Communication (OUC)  is charged by the Office of the President to review all promotional and marketing materials created for Howard University. OUC is entrusted with ensuring that all market-ing materials represent the University brand well. OUC will review the design, photography, copy, and adherence to the University’s Identity Guidelines in all promotional materials.

Types of Materials

All items used to promote Howard University, to either internal or external audiences, should be submitted to OUC for approval. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • brochures,
  • advertisements,
  • newsletters,
  • annual reports,
  • recruitment materials,
  • posters,
  • invitations,
  • postcards and
  • promotional give-away items (i.e. mugs, pens, t-shirts).

Promotional materials distributed in an electronic format, such as e-newsletters, should also be submitted.

Approval Process


Email all promotional materials (both for internal and external audiences) for approval prior to being produced or distributed.

Submission Deadline

Largely distributed projects and large publications such as newsletters or magazines should be submitted no later than one week before printing. Items can be emailed to the approvers.

Prior College Approval

Each department, school or college (or other campus equivalent) is responsible for the promotional materials generated within its area. Marketing materials should be approved at the college-level be-fore submission to OUC for final approval. Colleges should ensure that materials have been thoroughly proofread, accurately reflect the University and meet the University’s Identity Guide Standards before submitting. 

Approvers Feedback

OUC will provide approval or feedback within three to five business days of receiving.

Approval must be given prior to printing, manufacturing or distributing. Any use of logos, seals, names or other university marks must be in accordance with policies established by Howard University. The logo or seal may not be used for personal use, e.g. graduation invitations, personal business cards, etc.

Design Checklist

  • Howard University Logo or wordmark must have a higher resolution and/or the correct version was not used. Contact OUC for images.
  • The University’s logo or wordmark must be added to the front/back cover.
  • Photographs must have a higher resolution (300 dpi). It is recommended to contact OUC to obtain higher quality photos.
  • Contains multiple grammatical, spelling and/ or punctuation errors. Please revise.
  • Too many and/or inappropriate fonts have been used.
  • Contact information is missing or formatted incorrectly.
  • The  University’s Web site needs to be prominent.
  • Does not meet University standards for quality. Contact the Office of University Communications for more information.
  • Pages appear cluttered and/or not enough white space.