Newsletter Guidelines and Archive

HU! You Know! Newsletter Submission Guidelines

HU! You Know! will distribute every Monday afternoon. To get placed in the current week’s edition of the newsletter, all submissions are due by noon on Thursdays.

Please note our Internal Communications team will assist and determine if submitted content meets the criteria to be featured.

It’s important when submitting content to provide key information (Who, What, When, Where, Point-of-Contact Name and Number) and any relevant links.

Also, please include images as an attachment for your story. Images must be high resolution and in JPG or PDF file format. 

HU! You Know! Sections

Sample Newsletter

Feature Story 

A lead story that will be featured at the top of the newsletter and is the high profile content to promote during the current week. This story will be determined by the OUC staff.

A Note From

Monthly notes providing a unique perspective from various campus leaders on relevant, timely topics. This note will be determined by the OUC staff.

Blue Lights Alert 

Includes updates from various operational offices to inform the HU Community of any immediate alerts, openings, closures, renovations, safety updates, technical notices, etc., occurring in the current week. Also, any policy updates to announce will be included in this section.

Bison Business 

A series of updates from the following offices (Financial Aid, Admissions, Enrollment, etc.) on pertinent information, deadlines, extensions, and orientations, specifically pertaining to students.

HUH Checkup 

Important updates, news, and information from the Howard University Hospital.

Bleed Blue 

Upcoming attractions on all Howard Athletic teams, community service engagements (local, national and international), profiles on team players, etc.

Student’s Corner 

This section will feature content that messages to students on relevant topics; this story will be reviewed and determined by the OUC staff.

HU Happenings 

Important dates, campus events, etc., from the University Calendar that is essential and relevant to the HU community. This section will contain up to five flyers of events occurring on campus the current week. 

For additional information and guidelines on accepted events, visit

HU Toolbox 

This section will consist of resources (seminars, free software updates, professional development/etc.) of the current week that would benefit students and employees.

HU Footprints 

Normally included during Homecoming season to highlight alumnae; fun facts about the University, its Founders, its alumni network or a student/employee.

Newsletter Archive

Please send all submissions to using one of the following subject lines:

  • HU! You Know! Submission 
    for general submissions;
  • HU! You Know! [Name of Section] 
    for a specific section; and
  • HU! You Know! Story Idea 
    if you have an idea, but are unsure of how to execute it for the newsletter.